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Gay Rap Lyrics – This is a funny rap song by an American music artist Roachmg777 AKA Mikey – G from the album Gay Rap (2006). “Gay Rap Lyrics” has written and produced by Roachmg777 and released on October 29, 2006. The Gay Rap song was controversial and first released on YouTube on 29th October 2006, Later The song was removed by the artist from their channel. Again the song Gay Rap has been reuploaded on youtube in 2021. Gay Rap didn’t get much attention from the viewers and was marked age-restricted by YouTube because the song contains adult content and language. 

Gay Rap Lyrics | Roachmg777 | Gay Rap (2006)

Wah, wah, wah wah
3, 2

I like it fast, right in my ass (Hehehe, heh!)
I like it right after I cut the grass
Because I’m sweaty, I don’t like girls named Betty
I like men, named, Carlton

I like when they black, ’cause I get on my back
And lift up my sack, and lick my ass crack
I don’t play them games, I don’t play them girls
I like it when them boys rock my world

I’m from that Westbank, I am a skank
I like dick, I’ll play, I’ll fuck yo click
‘Cause I’ll bend ’em over, in the shower
I’ll do it for only two dollars (Hehehe)

I like it when, they put me on my butt
Call me a dirty, little slut
‘Cause we from that Westbank, from the Westbank
We gay, on the Westbank

Uh, uh, 3, 2, 1, end!

Gay Rap Lyrics Details:

Song Title Gay Rap
Album Gay Rap (2006)
Artist Roachmg777 AKA Mikey – G
Written By Roachmg777
Produced By Roachmg777
Release Date October 29, 2006


Who wrote the lyrics of Gay Rap?

Gay Rap has written by Roachmg777.

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